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question time: 
06:18pm 25/12/2002
  any answers to this:
you are nothing more than a gene-survival insurance machine
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Big Brother con Carne 
11:57am 21/11/2002
  Boca burgers are curious foodstuffs.

The other day one of my mates tells me:
"So, uhhh, me and Mike have taken to going into Shari's and ordering the Boca burgers.
Last time I ordered one I ask the waitress if it was vegan..
She says, 'Yeah, it is'
So I said, 'Great, can I get bacon on that?'

[insert a bad drum-roll here]

So anyway, that silly sod's antics aside -

Last time I had dinner with a vegan I had to listen to a lecture on how my eating meat means that I am supporting the torture and abuse of animals, and the corporate machine by placing my money - my votes - in the hands of the capitalists who are perpetrating those crimes.

[Standard really]

There really are a lot of revolutionaries out there wandering the streets.
So many of them in fact, it makes me wonder why shit hasn't happened.

[back to the vegan]

So, my answer to that was something along the lines of this:

I used to shop exclusively at thrift stores so that I wasn't casting my vote in favor of sweat shops, child exploitation and label mongering.
But you know what? My money passed through the hands of the employees and into the pockets of the thrift store owners.
And call me a pessimist but I wager that even if it isn't a corporation, the owners wear levi's and shop at places like the gap.
And I doubt you can say with confidence that the owner of this restaurant we're sitting in isn't out eating salisbury steaks every night.
Call it gerrymandering on the grand economic scale.

[The point?]

The point is this - revolution is a catch 22.
It's marketed.
Rebels usually look like rebels.

and yeah I still feel marginalized,
and yeah I would like to see a clear way out.

That being said:

I admit it, I hate big brother - I'm no different.
I admit it, I am big brother - I'm no different.

[one final thought]

Things that easily fit into a cultural categorical imperative,
are not threatening, nor frightening - in fact: why else
would a chain such as say, "Hot Topic" exist?
What is dangerous is that which seems to mostly fit,
but is just off center.
That is threatening, and that is scary.

The way out of cultural boxes?

This cat happens to think that rather than walking against
society, walk perpendicular to it.

[if i have to be a tool, then let me be a monkey wrench. SDP 2002]
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Welcome to the SDP Forum: 
06:12pm 20/11/2002
  Some days would just be better spent reading a book.
Some days would just be better spent lounging and bumping tunes.
Some days would just be better spent writing a sonnet.
Some days would just be better spent painting.
Some days would just be better spent making love.
Some days would just be better spent as a spiritual siesta.

Most days would just be better spent away from this white collar/blue collar/pseudo-capitalist economic oligarchy that forces us into near serfdom.

It's days like these that make me feel like Sisyphus - Rock 'N Roll old school style - I hope most of you get that joke, I found it amusing.

[Did you know?:]

In most hunter/gatherer societies base subsistence and household maintenance on the average only requires 30% of most people's waking time. In early agrarian societies the percentage of waking time required for subsistence/maintenance is just a pinch higher.

[Did you know?:]

The modern domesticated primate will spend nearly 70% or their waking lives on subsistence (working) and household maintenance.

[Did you know?:]

Most anthropologists would agree that homo sapiens have existed for approximately 100,000 years.
The modern homo sapien's trends toward domestication began only (approximately) 4,000 years ago.

[Did you know?:]

This trend started when some 'fat cats' got the idea that they'd be better off if they had a lot of domesticated primates to do their work for them.

As a domesticated primate you have been duped into near slavery. You work to provide the domesticators with lavish lifestyles and more power than the primate nervous system can track.

[Did you know?:]

The chains and cages placed upon the domesticated primate are insidious. Our brains, our thumbs have been impregnated with falsehoods.
Most domesticated primates do not even realize they are domesticated.

[Ask yourself:]

What good is an opposable thumb if it's been spiritually amputated?
What good is a large brain if it's been culturally lobotomized?

[Did you know?:]

There is an increasing trend toward semi-domestication among modern primates.
semi-domesticated primates KNOW they have been domesticated and are not particularly happy with the situation.

It is time for us to take back our thumbs, It is time for us to take back our brains.
It is time for us to refuse to de-evolve.

"No" is the most powerful word in the english language.
...learn to use it it all of its subtleties.

[Opposable Thumbs for the New Millennium]